renato_krulcicEstablishment of Local action group “Central Istria” was a right step towards Croatia becoming a part of the European Union. Our Local development strategy will provide us with the direction for developing central Istria and to timely prepare ourselves for the norms of business in order to improve this highly important part of our economy. So far we have built some foundations, structured and organized initial institutions that performed educations in order to prepare everyone for what lies ahead. The establishment of LAG is a step towards being and equal member of European rural family that very much invests, develops and lives off of possibilities presented by the rural economy.

I believe that all the members and subjects are exceptionally special and of high quality and that, each in their own way, they make this LAG unique with its specific comparative advantages. This is what creates a quality foundation upon which we can create, with joint forces, opportunities for a better development, progress and therefore a better quality of life for all the people in this area.

Our goals are very clearly defined. We must use joint, synergic activities to work on promotion of rural development through local initiatives and partnerships, to create new and better conditions for improvement of rural living and working conditions. Diversification of economic activities will definitely be necessary, as well as ensuring quality flow of information and transfer of knowledge for progress in the development of rural economy and local community. LAG represents the joining of our forces, economic advantages and focuses of individual members. Together we are stronger in performance on the demanding European market, but also in securing funding from European funds. LAG means that we will continue to develop existing potentials for rural development and to strengthen financial and human resources for the implementation of rural development projects.

With the LAG’s strategy we have defined specific guidelines and activities that lie in front of us. What LAG will contribute to its members is the continuous development of the network of partners in LAG area, education and training of working teams and members of LAG and promotion of the concept of sustainable development through a better application of rural and regional policies of the EU by using “bottom-up” approach.

LAG will function as an advisory and technical support in the preparation and making of project documentation for its subjects, it will follow legal regulations and publications of calls for proposals for development opportunities and inform the members. One of LAG’s activities is informing the public in rural area on sustainable rural development and LEADER approach, cooperation with competent authorities in Croatia and the EU and exchange of experiences and knowledge with other stakeholders in rural development.
LAG is definitely a new opportunity, a new form of presentation of a larger number of subjects and this joining makes us stronger. In new challenges that lie ahead, this joint strength and knowledge is what will make us special and therefore competitive.

LAG President
Renato Krulčić