LAG Central Istria

LAG „Central Istria“

Local action group for Central Istria, LAG “Central Istria” is a non-profit organization founded by 1) local self-government units: City of Pazin, Municipalities: Cerovlje, Gračišće, Karojba, Lupoglav, Motovun, Tinjan and Sveti Petar u Šumi; 2) representatives of private sector and 3) representatives of civic sector in the central Istria area. Apart from 8 self-government units mentioned above, as of May 2015, LAG “Central Istria” incorporates also the City of Poreč as well as Municipalities of Funtana, Sveti Lovreč, Višnjan, Vrsar and Žminj. Total area covered is 872,06 km2, and according to 2011 Census it has 44.386 inhabitants.

LAG “Central Istria” was established with the goal of creating a quality basis upon which everyone can create together, and with joint forces work on the development and progress, i.e. creation of better living conditions for all inhabitants of this area..

LAG Development

Representatives of the City and the Municipalities in central Istria have, on August 24, 2010, signed an Agreement on the procedure and measures for establishment of local action group for rural area of central Istria, in compliance with the Strategic programme for rural development in Istrian County 2008-2013, and with IPARD programme 2007-2013 for Croatia.

LAG “Central Istria” was entered into Registry of Non-government organisations Croatia on May 4, 2012, and on July 5, 2013, it signed a Contract on delivery of funds from IPARD Programme for co-financing of LAG with the Agency for payments in agriculture, fisheries and rural development (APPRRR). LAG “Central Istria” was approved for maximum amount of support, 900.000,00 HRK for financing expenses within the implementation of Measure 202 “Preparation and implementation of local strategies for rural development”

At the Assembly of LAG Central Istria, held on April 22, 2015, a decision on territorial expansion of area of activity for LAG. According to the decision, along with existing 8 self-governance units, the organisation now includes City of Poreč and Municipalities of Funtana, Sveti Lovreč, Višnjan, Vrsar and Žminj.

In June 2015, LAG “Central Istria” applied on a call for proposals from the Rural Development Programme, Measure 19.1 the aim of which is the preparation of Local development strategy for new programme period 2014-2020.

In September 2015, LAG received the decision from Agency for payments in agriculture, fisheries and rural development to grant funds to LAG “Central Istria” within the Measure 19.1 to prepare the new Local development strategy. Total amount of funds allocated for LAG “Central Istria” is 371.503,30 HRK


The work of LAG “Central Istria” is aimed at recognizing and improving existing potentials and special features of the LAG area, in order to use joint activities to develop projects based on specific local needs, and to define development strategy for the entire area.

LAG “Central Istria” encourages the development of rural area through application of LEADER approach (bottom-up approach). It provides the inhabitants with information about calls for proposals for financial funding from national and EU funds and advises them on applying the projects. It also functions as a sort of intermediary between the end beneficiary – small entrepreneur, farmer, cooperative, organisation, local self-government and the EU funds. Through interconnection and cooperation, it promotes the realisation of joint development goals and improvement of the quality of life and work for all inhabitants in the LAG “Central Istria” area.


Members of LAG can be: local self-government units, scientific and expert institutions, cooperatives, organisations and federations of organisations, companies, crafts, family agricultural holdings and natural persons.