Preservation and valorization of Pazinski cukerančić

Pazinski cukerančić is a traditional wedding pastry, recognizable for its taste, texture and uncommon form.

The recipe particulary emphasizes the use of baking amonia for the dough lifting, dipping in white wine Malvasia and crystal sugar and its specific branched form that requires special skill and experience. Cukerančić is prepared almost all over Istrian region, but due to the origin of the original recipe and cultural significance for the local community, it is considered an indigenous dessert characteristic for the area of the city of Pazin and its surrounding. Hence the name – “Pazinski Cukerančić”. Today, cukerančić has become a symbol and one of the good examples of preserving the traditional gastronomy of the area.

Due to a long tradition of preparation that is passed on from generation to generation, in 2017 the art of preparing the traditional pastry Pazinski cukerančić was given the status of  intangible cultural heritage and was included in the List of protected cultural goods of the republic of Croatia.