“ENSURE –  European Network for the Cohesion and Solidarity in Rural Areas”

Programme: Europe for Citizens Program

Lead: Development Information Center Slovenska Bistrica (Slovenia)

Partners: LAG “Središnja Istra”, Municipality Trudovets (Bulgaria), Hranicka rozvojova agentura (Czech Republic), Panepistimio Thessalias (Greece), Kistarcsa Cultural Association (Hungary), Associazione Alessandro Bartola (Italy), Ligatnes novada dome – Ligatne Municipality (Latvia), Municipality of Kolasin (Montenegro), Gmina Lask (Poland), Consiliul Judetean Alba (Romania), European affairs fund of the autonomous province of Vojvodina (Serbia), Federacion de Municipios de Madrid (Spain), Futuro Digitale (Italy).

Project description: Establishing the European Network for the Cohesion and Solidarity in Rural Areas (ENSURE) serves to increase the relevance of local and European policy makers as actors developing initiatives that address needs of rural citizens in the context of EU policies, European citizenship and democracy tools. In a time where citizens confidence in EU decision making is at an all-time low, and especially the support from rural citizens is rapidly declining, this project aims to understand Euroscepticism, and then to build European approach by making use of available EU democracy tools, as well as by providing new engaging instruments for citizens. The project addresses day-to-day issues which are prevalent for rural citizens: heritage vs. local development, cross-broder mobility af agricultural workers, food security, social exclusion. By bringing up issues that acquire great interest amnog rural citzens, this project can hit such questions as: the decline of support of the EU, Euroscepticism, and the EU citizenship on rural areas. The long-term outcome will be a lasting partnership as a NGO – “Ensure Network”.

Value: 150.000,00 EUR

Implementation time:  July 3 2017. – July 2 2019.

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“INSiGHTS – Integrated Slow, Green and Healthy Tourism Strategies”

Programme: Interreg Danube Transnational Programme

Lead: Pons Danubii European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (Slovakia)

Partners: LAG “Central Istria”, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (Austria), Institute for Tourism (Croatia), CEEweb for Biodiversity (Hungary), Razvojni center Srca Slovenije (Slovenia), Harghita County Council (Romania), Zala County Government (Hungary), Regional Development Agency with Business Support Centre for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Bulgaria), Donautal-Aktiv e.V. (Germany), Regional Economic Development Agency for Šumadija and Pomoravlje (Serbia), Plovdiv District Administration (Bulgaria), Istrian Region – Administrative Department for Tourism (Croatia), Komárom-Esztergom County (Hungary)

Project description: The INSiGHTS project is aimed at finding solutions for making regions more attractive to tourists by developing tourism strategies that keep in the focus the protection of natural and cultural resources. Regions in INSiGHTS all have outstanding natural and cultural resources, and at the same time they have a great potential related to the fast-growing recreational trend of slow, green and healthy tourism. Partners will be working in close cooperation with stakeholders in eight regions to gain relevant local feedback on the current situation of tourism and also ideas and proposals for new opportunities for slow, green and healthy tourism. There will be eight integrated sustainable tourism strategies developed by the partner regions and they will be adaptable all across the Danube Region. The expected outcomes in partner regions will be: smart card system, new tourism packages, trail guide applications, eco-education related new tourism services encouraging environmentally friendly healthy living, slow tourism networking offering recreational programmes, cycling infrastructures, and sustainable tourism model for rural and urban areas.

Value: 2,308,170.55 EUR

Implementation time: January 1 2017 – June 30 2019

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AAA LEADER-Role of Local Action Groups in Rural Development

Donor: Alpe-Adriatic Alliance, Koprivnica-Križevci county

Lead: LAG “Podravina”

Partners: LAG “Središnja Istra”, LAG “Izvor”, LAG “Prizag”, LAG “Međimurski doli i bregi”, LAG “Gorenjska košarica – BSC Kranj regional development agency of Gorenjska, LAG “Prlekija” – Prleška razvojna agencija, LAG “Vallis Colapis”

Project description: The aim of the project is based on recognition, preservation and presentation of intangible cultural heritage which could be used as a tourist attraction in rural areas, as well as to recognize and certificate agricultural products which represent the observed area.

Value: 11.000,00 eur

Implementation time: September 2016.

“The Application of Modern Technologies in the Advancement of Istria County Agriculture”

Donor: Istria County, Administrative Department for Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, Fishery and Water

Call: Public call for financing projects / programs of associations and other non-profit organizations within the public needs in agriculture, forestry, hunting, fisheries and water resources of Istria County for 2016

Lead: LAG Central Istria

Partner: Association “Istramet”

Project description: The project is aimed at setting up networking and professional agri-meteorological station in the town of Pazin. The collected meteorological data will be presented in an attractive but simple interface and adapted to the general population. In addition to the basic parameters, data on soil moisture and leaf will be collected and publicly displayed, which will significantly facilitate the implementation of agro-meteorological projects in our area in the future.On the technical side it is the most modern equipment that will serve farmers throughout central Istria.The project will be the basis for further development and expansion of the network of specialized agro-meteorological stations, all in order to facilitate the implementation of crop protection, rational irrigation, and finally environmental protection.

Value: 15,000.00 kn

Duration: 2 months

“New Knowldge for Future Profession”


Fund: European Social Fund

Call: Strenghtening the capacity of adult education institutions, Stage II

Lead: Open University Pazin

Partners: LAG “Central Istria”, Agency for Rural Development of Istria, Iskop Ltd.

Project description: The project focuses on the development of three new educational programs aimed at improving the capacity of the development of tourism in central Istria. The program are: Specialist in traditional Istrian cuisine, Butler and Gardener and maintainer of the pool which are all specifically adapted to the needs of employers in the tourism sector and will be developed in accordance with the methodology and procedures set up by the Croatian Qualifications Framework. The project will also contribute to strengthening the capacities of the  educators and training teachers on the use of modern methods and new technologies.

Value: 1.318.361,22 kn

Duration: 12 months


“Protection of Pazinski cukerančić”

Fund: Ministry of culture

Lead: LAG „Central Istria”

Partners: City of Pazin, Association of craftsmen Pazin, local bakers: „Antica”, „Reginex”

Aim: protection of the recipe for “Pazinski cukerančić” as intangible cultural heritage to preserve and promote this specific traditional pastry.



“Development of Professional Study Program of Sustainable Agrotourism through Croatian Qualifications Framework”

Fund: European Social Fund

Call: Improvement of quality in high education with the implementation of Croatian Qualifications Framework

Lead: Polytechnics in Rijeka

Partners: LAG “Central Istria”, City of Pazin

Project description: Development of new under graduate program of sustainable agrotourism, development of standards for profession and education of staff. This type of study program will have a supportive effect on development of specific forms of tourism in rural areas with an emphasis on acceptable sustainable, ecological agricultural production in compliance with local, regional and national strategies, and will thus contribute to employment which makes the core of the concept of smart, sustainable and inclusive economy based on knowledge, with an aim at reaching high employment, productivity and social connection rates.

Value: 1.779.415,20 HRK

Duration: 15 months




Programme: Europe for Citizens

Measure: Network of Towns

Lead: LAG “Central Istria”

Partners: Razvojni center Srca Slovenije (SLO), Regional Economic Development Association for Herzegovina – REDA (BIH), GAL Venezia Orientale – VEGAL (ITA), Cantiere Giovani Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS (ITA), Centrul de Incubare Creativ Inovativ de Afaceri (ROM), Asociatia GAL Tara Nasaudului (ROM), Asociatia GAL Tinutul Haiducilor (ROM), GAL Lider Bistrita Nasaud (ROM), Federatia pentru Dezvoltarea Zonei Rurale Bargau-Calimani (ROM), Unitatea Administrativ-Teritoriala Judetul Bistrita Nasaud (ROM), Orasul Seini (ROM), Agentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Sud-Vest Oltenia (ROM), Dambovita County Council (ROM), Lithuanian organic farms association (LIT), Rzeszowska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego Spolka Akcyjna (POL), MAS Hanacke Kralovstvi z.s. (SVK), MAS Zdruzenie Dolny Zitny ostrov Kližska Nema (SVK).

Project description: Project is aimed at increasing civic participation in development and implementation of activities organized by LAGs: in each of the 9 partner-countries an activity will be held which will be aimed at education and exchange of examples of good practice by the representatives of LAGs and local self-government units on encouraging volunteerism and including local community into development projects at a local level. Network of towns will be formalized at the end of the project by signing of Cooperation Agreement.

Value: 150.000,00 EUR

Duration: 22 months

Video report: LAGS4EU

Best Practice Guidebook: LAG_good_practices_web_20062017

 “Strengthened Organisations for a Strong Community”

Fund: Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development

Call: Development of society

Lead: LAG “Central Istria”

Partners: Društvo “Naša djeca” Pazin, Youth Council of the City of Pazin

Project description: Project is aimed at strengthening of the capacities of organisations from Central Istria through a series of expert educations on: Project Cycle Management, Writing Project Proposal, Presentation of examples of good practice and joint work on a specific project idea for a potential application to a relevant fund – EU.

Value: 12.500,00 HRK

Duration: 4 months

“From the Heart of Istria…for You”

Fund: Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development: Social capital of the community

Lead: LAG “Central Istria”

Description: Project will provide support to development of local market and of small producers and service providers from Central Istria via a cycle of educations on accounting, legal and law frameworks for businesses, marketing and product placement and marketing tricks, and via presenting examples of good practice. Organisation of a fair with local products will promote small producers and service providers from central Istria and will strengthen their links with potential customers.

Project value: 64.900,00 HRK

Duration: 12 months


Projects of our members:


“USEGP – Improvment of the Content of Electrotechnical Group of School Subjects”

Fund: European Social Fund

Call: Modernisation of School Curricula in VET Schools in Line with the Croatian Qualifications Framework and the Needs of the Labor Market (Phase II)

Lead: High School Jurja Dobrile Pazin

Partners: High School Mate Blažine Labin, The City of Pazin, Association of craftsmen Pazin

Project description: The project is aimed at updating the curriculum in the electrical engineering group of subjects GSSJD in Pazin. Through the involvement of teachers from partner schools, the business sector and with the professional support of external experts, software modules will be updated according to the needs of the labor market. In addition to the updated curriculum, the project aims to strengthen the capacity of teachers to develop entrepreneurial skills.

Value: 1.107.365,00 kn

Duration: 12 months



“Senior Star”

Fund: European Social Fund

Call: Capacity Building of the Civil Society Organizations Active in the Field of Social Service Delivery

Lead: Pensioners’ Association Pazin

Partner: The City of Pazin

Project description: The project is aimed at providing capacity-building of the Association of Pensioners for the development and financing of projects from public sources including the EU funds, the mobilization and establishment of an effective system of volunteers and volunteer management, developing a business and strategic plan of the association to provide home help services, transport and delivery of food to elderly and disabled persons in single households in the area of Pazin.

Value: 196.000,00 kn

Duration: 12 months



Fund: The financial mechanism of the EEA and Norwegian financial mechanism

Call: Solidarity and social capital in the communities

Lead: Sports Associations of Cerovlje Municipality

Project description:  The project is aimed at sensitizing the population on the problems and everyday barriers of the disabled. Through different activities like joint setup of playground and it’s access paths the project will be strengthening the sense of solidarity and developing a more intimate and tolerant community. The workshops for children and their parents will promote the values of coexistence and tolerance, mutual assistance and equality.

Value: 49.950,00 kn

Duration: 3 months