Municipality of Gračišće

grbMunicipality of Gračišće is an area with distinctive architecture, exciting history, rich culture and a quiet present. It is located above the Čepić field, former lake, as gives a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding hills, Učka Mountain, Julian Alps and the Dolomites.

1.419 inhabitants, 60.15 sq. km

Municipality of Gračišće covers the area of 60,15 square kilometers, and according to 2011 Census, it has 1.419 inhabitants.

Distinctive architecture and rich cultural heritage

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Life in this area is present since the prehistoric times, and the name Gallignana, over two millennia ago, came from the ancient Gauls. A more intense life to the area came with the Slavic people, whose spiritual heritage is still present in the name of the hill – Perunčevac, named after the supreme Slavic deity Perun, but also in the millennia old worshippinh of Svantevid, from which as some believe comes the Christian St. Vitus, the protector of the Gračišće parish.


One particularity of Gračišće is its urban structure, or the division of the town that was once encompassed by town walls into districts, each of which has its own square and church.
The most representative is, of course, the centre of the town – Plac, with the Church of Our Lady, St. Anthony’s chapel and the Salamon palace. This part of the town is available through the west gates with a loggia built in 1549. Due to its preserved medieval urban structure and numerous cultural and historical sites, Gračišće is entirely under legal protection.

The beauty and the simplicity of the cultural and historical heritage sites in a preserved landscape are the biggest value of Gračišće and a reason why more and more visitors come every day. Another reason are the many events that present to the visitors the traditional Istrian culture.

“Central Istria Wine Festival”, “St. Vitus’ Day”,”Festival of Istrian minestrone” and Festival of performers on accordions “Zasopimo na organić” are just some of them.


Grasisce-RS030 Moje Gračišće nije tek

usputna stanica na glavnoj cesti (…)
Moje Gračišće nisu samo crkvice brojne
Stare loze vinorodne (…)
Moje je Gračišće molitva
Bogu na nedjeljnoj misi
Krošnje lipa na vjetru što se njišu
I ljudi, ljudi koji u njem dišu.

(Iris Aničić)