LAG Motto“The heart of Istria” demonstrates many features and advantages of this area which includes the best in quality, thus creating conditions for a sustainable development from which the entire environment will benefit.

LAG Vision“The area with preserved nature, tradition and cultural heritage, a recognizable rural tourism destination with a quality public, economic, agricultural and tourism infrastructure. Central Istria – the area of quality and pleasant living.”

Why LAG?

  • Because of emphasizing local population as the main factor of rural areas
  • Because of trust in people that live in Central Istria and in our abilities to discover what best fits our environment, culture, working traditions and skills
  • Because of networking on a local level, in order to exchange experiences and knowledge, get informed and promoted, find project partners and develop a sense of belonging to a unit that is LAG “Central Istria”
  • Because of improving rural living and working conditions
  • Because of exploitation and development of existing potentials for rural development
  • Because of creation of added value to local products, especially by easing the entry into markets for small production units through joint activities.
  • Because of ensuring a flow of information and knowledge for progress in development of rural economy and local community
  • Because of networking between all subjects in rural development
  • Because of promoting rural development via local initiatives and partnerships
  • Because of preparation of LAG area for the use of structural and other EU funds.
  • Because of strengthening financial and human resources for implementation of projects in rural development